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Rough Riders

Tampa, Florida

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Teddy Bear Run


The Rough Riders believe in giving back to the community.  Members contribute time, money, and effort to several local and national charities.  Whether assisting with the Special Olympics, Toys for Tots, the Ronald McDonald House or others,  it's common to see uniformed Rough Riders lending a hand. 

We are best known for our own Teddy Bear runs where members hop on the Teddy Bear Express bus to deliver teddy bears to patients in hospitals. 




The Rough Riders are a social organization, holding many events for both our members and the public.  Many events are also act as charity fundraisers.  Rough Riders sponsor golf, fishing, clay-shooting, and poker tournaments along with toga parties, military balls and more.  

Rough Rider Float


With over 500 members, the Rough Riders are one of the largest groups that actively participate in the Gasparilla, Chasco, Veterans, and other parades from Tallahassee to Texas. We also attend the S'ant Yago Knight Parade and we the sponsors of the St. Patrick's Parade.  We have four floats including the custom rig seen here.


Rough Riders with Teddy


The Rough Riders take pride in our country and in the rich history of Teddy Roosevelt and the original Rough Riders.  Tampa was the embarkation point for the Rough Riders as they left to fight in Cuba during the Spanish American war.  Whether preserving local historical sites or participating in national events, we are committed to keeping the memory and the spirit of the Rough Riders alive for coming generations.


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